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Creating a wholesome, natural brand

MyFarm Packaging

The Challenge

Naturefarm entrusted Mojo Red with the task of developing the name, concept and design of their new brand, My Farm. The goal of the brand was to bring high quality, healthy dairy products from around the world to customers’ doorsteps.

Naturefarm: Delivering Nature's Goodness To Your Footsteps

As a supplier and distributor of dairy products, Naturefarm Marketing Pte Ltd’s inventory is constantly expanding. The company’s core focus is delivering the best of nature’s goodness to your doorstep – combing farms across the globe to bring in a multitude of top-grade dairy products. - source naturefarm.biz

The Solution

It was important to us from the very beginning that we created a brand which customers could feel close to, so the name My Farm was an apt one. We extended this to create an organic brand execution, where two leaves are formed to anchor the farmhouse mark. This was a vehicle to express the brand differentiator: nature’s goodness, and the fact that milk is delivered to the consumer. The design illustrates milk going from the wooden farm bucket, straight to the consumer’s glass — and the wholesome imagery is reinforced in the sunny natural landscape of the background and the wooden board that displays the product name.

The result is a brand and packaging identity that reflects the farm-fresh goodness of the product, making customers feel a strong and personal connection with nature.

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