The Unique M.O.J.O Process

Mojo Process

The M.O.J.O Process is a unique approach that we’ve developed and refined. Every step is vital, as we strongly believe this is the only way to a successful project.

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What's a good package design?

Whats a Good Packaging Design?

Good packaging design means that customers pick your product — and feel good about it. So what’s the right mojo required to create good packaging design?

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Mojo Red - Packaging Big Ideas

We Make Fresh Design

We believe in innovative packaging design solutions that create strong links between brands and consumers, and which are designed realistically for production.

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From the Mojo Blog


We were featured!            

Mojo Red’s label design packaging work - Saucisse House of Gourmet was featured on Packaging of the World!

Comments About Us

Wow, I wished my Tofu product packaging is as good as this! It would sell like hot cakes over here!

Michael von Weppen - Packaging of the World

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