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Good packaging design is good business.

What makes a customer stop, pick up a product and interact with it? What makes a customer decide to purchase that product? What makes product packaging stand out on crowded shelves, and what makes a customer pick one product over so many others? How do we inspire customers to take these concrete, measurable actions? Why do some products remain in customers’ minds, and occupy more market share?

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

At Mojo Red, we have multiple answers and insights that address these questions. We know that good packaging is the ideal balance of design, form and function, and we understand the psychology of customers. We know how color, package utility, shapes and words can influence customer decisions. We know that almost 75% of purchases are made on impulse, which means that packaging has to create an instant emotional connection with the customer. We know that packaging has a crucial job to do for good business, and we’ve helped numerous businesses and individuals enhance their business through packaging.

Packaging Mock Up

Packaging Mock Ups

Imagine holding your product in your hands even before the packaging goes into production. Our packaging mockup service allows you to hold your product in your hands, feel it and view it from all angles. We provide this service for projects of all sizes, from one-of-a-kind prototypes to high-volume samples for test marketing, and sales samples.

Packaging System

Packaging System

When brands grow to incorporate repackaging and introduce new SKUs to their existing product lineup, it’s essential to create a brand architecture that communicates key brand elements effectively. A good packaging system organizes brand identity and visual elements, using them in a consistent manner to create immediate brand recognition. Strategically, an effective brand hierarchy gives companies space for future extensions of their product lines.

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Brand Design

Great brand design creates instant emotional connections with consumers, creating perceptions and forming a system of brand identification and communication. Consistent, well-designed and well-communicated brands help consumers recognize your product in even the most crowded retail spaces.