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Showcasing a cultural legacy

Ji Xiang Canned Foods

The Challenge

Guangdong Foods decided to refresh its Ji Xiang range of products to further enhance its strong focus on the food service businesses. The challenge was to revive interest in the product range while maintaining the strong tradition and heritage that is associated with Ji Xiang.

Over 26 years Of Quality Products

Since Guangdong Foods was established in 1987, the company has mainly dealt with a wide variety of food products. As a professional and experienced wholesaler and food supplier, Guangdong Foods has supplied quality food to local retail shops and to the F&B industry.

The Solution

Culture and heritage came together when Mojo Red embarked on this journey. We took an in-depth approach, researching imperial dishes and creating strong cultural attachments to the visual elements in the package. The new identity utilizes a Chinese-style banner which anchors the logo, bringing the eye to the product name in a readable font, and then drawing the consumer’s gaze to the picture of the dish at the bottom. The background motifs on each can were created by scanning table cloth patterns to create a traditional feel. We also wanted to depart from the usual cluttered layout of most Chinese canned food products, simplifying the Ji Ziang product range.

The result was a new visual identity, a redefined brand architecture, a typographic style and a colour system that reflected the Ji Xiang brand while improving the visibility of the different SKUs.

All in all, the new design improves visibility of the different SKUs and further enhancing the Ji Xiang brand.


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