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BollyBites - Ready To Eat Indian Food


Task: Packaging Design, Creative Direction, Brand Design, Food Photography

The Birth A New Brand

Bollybites brings to you an exotic blend of Indian and Asian cuisine, bursting with the flavour of spices in every bite. Our client has a successful history as a caterer of ethnic Indian foods in Singapore. Over the years, our client has grown into one of the leading suppliers in this niche industry, supplying over 12,000 packed meals daily. In keeping with their overall corporate objectives, they wished to launch their own ready-to-eat frozen meals as a key addition to their assets.

Mojo Red was tasked to create the brand and packaging design that builds upon the company's strong Indian heritage to generate a new, dynamic and lively-looking pack design. We developed a brand strategy that celebrated the regional diversity of Singaporean Indian cooking, a legacy of the country’s love of great local cusine.

Staying True To The Indian Culture
To support the brand's core essence of authentic Indian gourmet, Mojo Red researched and make use of many different Indian elements, most prominently, the usage of colours and patterns. We also oversee the photoshoot of the dishes to make sure everything fits into the packaging system we merticulously created for Bollybites. The result is a new packaging that exceeded expectations at its launch, leaving an impression and standing out from the sea of packaging in the frozen food supermarket section.

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