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Mojo Red Adds "Sedap" Into A New Brand

Mr Sedap 1

Task: Packaging Design, Creative Direction, Brand Design

Creating A New Brand

Mr Sedap was created to serve quality halal food, targeting Malay consumers who live busy lives and need convenience for their daily food options. This packaging is a mix of the Malay culture and also elements of colonial Singapore. Keeping the base colour of the packaging neutral in order to use bold food photography and various symbols to differentiate between flavours. Every element used in this packaging was strategically designed and placed for the best possible outcome.

Unifying strong colors within the packaging sysyem, it creates a "billboard" effect when placed on the shelves, introducing a fresh, playful and light-hearted touch to the retail environment. The main goal which our agency achieved during the work was – to separate this brand from the competitors on such an overpopulated market and to bring the main value of it.

Simply Sedap!
To support the brand's core essence of authentic Singaporean gourmet and it's popular Malay chef, we illustrated him as the brand mascot to communicate that Mr Sedap products delivers the best in taste and ingredients. As a final design element, a vertical banner system was employed to stage the logo, product names and description, allowing a quick and easy read no matter the different type of meat.

Mojo Red Art Director, Derrick Lin says “We put the cheerful Malay chef illustration at the heart of the pack and we had fun with the back of pack, too, using Singlish to capture the essence of a multi-cultural heritage in Singapore."

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