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Designing the coolest mints in town


The Challenge

Huay Feng Hang added a new product, iGen mints, to its expanding brand portfolio. The product was designed to appeal to young adults, and communicate the fresh taste of its mints. The two flavours in the range, Double Mint and Strawberry, needed distinct visual characteristics while maintaining the brand promise of youth and style.

Huay Feng Hang Pte Ltd: Over 25 Years Of Business

Established in 1998, Huay Feng Hang Pte Ltd imports, exports, distributes and is a wholesaler of a huge array of products.

The Solution

The Mojo Red team approached the project wanting to create as much engagement as possible out of a small package of mints. We decided on a minimalistic design approach that would allow few, key elements to be highlighted. In this case, we wanted to create a ‘pop-out‘ feel with the fruit in the packaging. This was essential as it would spark interest in this new product and create desirability.

The result is an innovative packaging concept that focuses on visibility and has high stopping power: perfect for a new brand wanting to make its mark.

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