The Challenge
As Singapore consumers are getting more health conscious in their eating habits, Chye Choon wanted to introduce a new range of healthier rice products into the market. The packaging had to communicate the brand's commitment to offering high quality products that contributed to the health and well-being of customers.

VITA: Awesome, All Natural
VITA Red Cargo Rice, Brown Rice and Calrose Brown Rice are rice brands of Chye Choon Foods Pte Ltd.

The Solution
Mojo Red knew that the packaging design had to communicate three things: the differentiation of quality, refined character, and the exceptional all natural product origin. We designed a packaging system that allowed a distinctive and clear differentiation of the different SKUs while creating brand consistency. The back panel of the pack utilized a carefully-placed layout in which information was presented clearly and attractively, including a ‘Did You Know’ feature to educate consumers.
The result was a packaging design that fulfilled its branding functions while being educating and engaging — encouraging customers to interact with the brand further.
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