Refreshing The Iconic Beverage
The Challenge
When Wen Ken evaluated Three Legs Cooling Water, one of the better-known brands in its portfolio, it decided that the packaging needed to be more relevant in a way that attracted younger consumers without damaging its traditional brand image. With a mass market appeal, the brand needed to have a refreshed design while embracing all age groups.

Three Legs Cooling Water: A Brand 60 Years Young
A traditional Chinese health drink, Three Legs Cooling Water is over 60 years old and consumed by millions of people in South East Asia. It is also one of the pioneering brands to introduce relief of body "heatiness" beverage to the market.

The Solution
Appealing to a new generation is not always easy for an old brand that has become used to marketing to an older generation. Mojo Red determined that the Three Legs brand needed brilliant colors and rich graphics to continue delivering its distinctive traditional essence while simultaneously introducing new visual elements that would appeal to a younger audience. This involved a balance of all graphical elements in the label.
The result was packaging that was as attractive as it was functional: combining modernity and authenticity with instant aesthetic appeal.
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