Mandrake Medical - Wellness From Within
The Challenge
When tradition meets modernity, a delicate balance is essential. The challenge with creating Mandrake Medical’s new TCM packaging and identity was to reassure older customers while introducing freshness into an industry that is defined heavily by tradition.

Mandrake Medical: opening the new market
Mandrake Medical was a new brand in the industry, and fully dedicated to bringing the best of ancient Chinese medicinal knowledge and innovative Western expertise to consumers in Singapore and beyond. With the vision to expand into the Asia-Pacific and establish themselves as a market leader, they aimed to blaze a new trail in TCM products.

The Solution
Mandrake came to us full of idealism: wanting to break into the traditional Chinese medicine industry while capturing the attention of younger customers. At Mojo Red, we embraced this idealism with enthusiasm and set about building a brand and packaging that would reflect trust and accessibility while adding additional benefits. Driven by the idea of ‘Wellness from Within’, Mojo created a visual metaphor that represented a fresh foreground with a traditional background, the perfect marriage of old and new.
The result was a packaging and brand identity system which reflected the core values of Mandrake while being accessible to customers of varying demographics.
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