The Challenge
Hai’s came to Mojo Red to design their new premium range of instant pastes.

Hai's and Food & Hotel Asia 2014
Hai's already had a significant presence in the FHA event, and had maintained its exclusive presence within highly the competitive food industry. On the cusp of launching their new Hai's Premium Sauce collection, Hai’s wanted to bring a new face to the industry in Asia.

The Solution
Designers created a packaging system which not only potray Singapore's heritage but also delicious and simple way of displaying the different dishes.
Our team analyzed the way in which event attendees would interact with each of the materials, and developed the optimum balance of elements to give customers the feeling of the aroma and taste of chili. The Hai’s Premium Collection Box showcased product samples and product information, generating interest and allowing customers to bring home and try the products.
The results was an interactive and engaging set of collateral which invoked the Hai’s brand image while highlighting a brand new product.
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